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Opilomed® helps you  maintain your customers that would otherwise skip or take a break on color services. due to various reasons such as:

  • during pregnancy and nursing
  • when experiencing discomfort like itching and burning
  • having sensitive scalps or skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
  • being insecure about safety of hairdyes and long-term effects on health



Opilomed® can help you be THE place to go for those with troubled skin and other reasons to seek alternatives.

Many clients cannot or do not want to dye their hair for different reasons. Opilomed® is a very new service and allows you to clearly differentiate you salon’s service offer, creating stronger benefits for this specific clientele than other salons cannot offer.



Opilomed® helps you to improve your brand image as an innovative and salon developing alongside the pulse of time.

Clients that once switched to dyeing with Opilomed® mostly do not go back to “normal” hair dyeing, simply for the extra comfort – nobody misses the wet-and-cold feeling that Opilomed® prevents (along with the more intense side effects).



Opilomed® is one more argument besides your skills for clients who started box dyeing at home to come back to your salon and get a professional color service. Opilomed® is a tool for professionals and dyeing with Opilmed® cannot be done at home, adding another strong benefit.



Experience shows that clients are willing to pay extra for this special service.If and what you charge fully is in your hands.

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